How to: Natural Eyebrows

July 13, 2015

Let’s talk about eyebrows! Now let me just preface this post by saying I’m no expert at doing eyebrows. It’s taken me a really long time to get an eyebrow routine down that I love. Doing my eyebrows is one of my favorite parts of getting ready – it’s the first thing I do and I feel like it sets the tone for the rest of the day. I’m such a firm believer that eyebrows frame the rest of your face so why not accentuate them πŸ˜‰

The inspiration for this post is actually from my sweet best friend Christina. On Friday morning, she texted me and told me what a great idea it would be to share my eyebrow routine. And so I did just that! Today I’m going to share with you how I do myΒ eyebrows everyday while still keeping them looking natural.

I started filling in my eyebrows during my last year in college. I made the rookie mistake that many do when they first start doing their eyebrows: I overfilled them like crazy. If you’ve been my friend for a while, you’ll remember thisΒ pic. Hehe, as you can see my eyebrows were waaay too dark and they really overwhelmed the rest of my face. I eventually realized that having sharpie like eyebrows did not suit my face and opted to go for a more natural look.

When I started doing this post I wanted to do a pic-torial of sorts, but found that it was too difficult to get my points across. So… I filmed my first video Β (yay!) to show you exactly what I do every morning to fill in my brows.

The video is pretty self-explanatory but here are the steps listed out and the products I used:


1. Tweeze those brows!

2. Start by filling in the underline of your eyebrow. (This is the only part of my routine where I use a heavy hand as I want this line to be the darkest). From there, I just work my way through the rest of my brow with small brushstrokes.

3. After I’ve finished filling in my brow, I go back in and focus on the inner part by “squaring” it off. I just blend and fade the inner part into the rest of my brow.

4. I do a final run through to make sure that I haven’t missed any areas then fill in accordingly.

5. Brow Gel! I didn’t incorporate brow gel into my routine until a couple years. But let me tell ya, it’s a serious game changer! It keeps my unruly brow hairs in place all day πŸ™‚


Tweezerman TweezersΒ – I alternate between these and my trusty Revlon ones. Both work really well!

MAC Paint Pot in “Quite Natural”-When I first started filling in my brows, I used NYX brow powder. Once I made the transition to a gel like formula, it made it so much easier to control how I was filling in my brows. Quite Natural is a light to medium brown. They say that if you have light hair (blondes and light brunettes) you should choose a brow powder or gel that is two shades darker than your hair color. If you have dark hair (dark brunettes and black hair), you should choose a brow product that is two shades lighter than your hair color. Quite natural works really well for my hair color and I’m really content with it.

EcoTools Angled Eyeliner Brush-I’ve used this brush for as long as I can remember. Totally recommend it and it’s only $6!

Maybelline Great Lash Clear Mascara-I’ve been using this for a while and I’m really loving it! It does what it’s supposed to do and it’s $6 as well.

So there you have it – my eyebrow routine!Β Hope you guys enjoyed this post about how to get natural eyebrows. And just remember, “eyebrows are sisters, not twins.” Don’t stress out if they don’t look identical πŸ™‚ Have a fabulous Monday! β™₯

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