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July 2015

  • Beauty

    5 Beauty Uses for Coconut Oil

    I’m in love with the coco.. Coconut Oil that is 😉 In the past couple years, coconut oil has certainly become a staple in my own beauty routine. Not only is it a great moisturizer…

    July 10, 2015
  • Fashion

    Multicolored Jumpsuit

    When I get dressed during the summer, I love wearing bright beautiful colors. This jumpsuit has just about every color imaginable on it and it all comes together into a really fun summery print.…

    July 8, 2015
  • Travel

    Come with me to… Santa Barbara!

    This 4th of July weekend, Daniel (ze boyfriend) and I decided to do something different and head out of town for the holiday. A couple months ago we were brainstorming about where to go…

    July 6, 2015
  • Fashion

    Fourth of July Lookbook

    It’s almost Fourth of July! So basically now we’re all trying to figure out the perfect outfit to wear on Saturday to those barbecues and parties. While thinking of what I wanted to wear…

    July 3, 2015
  • Fitness

    Meet me at the Barre

    …Pure Barre, that is 😉 My long term love affair with Pure Barre happened about a year ago. The West Portal studio opened February of last year just a few blocks from my house…

    July 1, 2015