My Nighttime Routine

January 15, 2018

I am finally getting around to writing this recap of my nighttime routine! I finally filmed my nighttime routine this week and have been meaning to put up this post so thank you for being patient 🙂

My skin has always been pretty good throughout my life – I would say my skin is normal to combination skin. I get oily in my t zone and nose area (usually by the end of the day). I rarely have breakouts, except for that time of month and if I do get them, they’re huge painful underground ones on my chin.  I try to just not pick at it after I pop them and then put a drying treatment on them. I know I know you’re probably shaking your head but I just cannot not pop my pimples when they do come up.

I became obsessed with skincare exactly a year ago. I wanted my skin to be in the best shape for the wedding so I got my first facial ever and was obsessed. My skin felt so clear and I loved the results. I also tried microdermabrasion and did not like it so much lol. I think my skin bruises easily and I looked like I had gotten punched in the face… multiple times. Everyone else I know who has gotten microdermabrasion LOVES it so maybe someday I’ll try it again 🙂

I started getting monthly facials a few months leading up to the wedding and they did wonders for my skin. I know facials are not in everyone’s budget but if you can afford to add them to your routine – I think they make a world of difference. I got to Tonia at Your Happy Place. She runs her studio right out of her home and is really such a sweet soul. She helped me understand my skin better and my problem areas. She told me to throw away my beloved Aveeno facewash because it was drying out my skin and switched me over to one of her pore clearing cleansers. She is seriously the best!

It’s no secret that I also love makeup and beauty so having good skin is the foundation to having your makeup apply evenly and flawlessly. I love how smooth my foundation and makeup looks now that I’ve upped my skincare routine.

Daniel recently got me the Clarisonic as a Christmas gift and I am obsessed! I’ve used it every night for the last three weeks and YOU GUYS – it’s life changing. I mean, the Clarisonic has been around for years and I’m sure a lot of you know about it. I never wanted to splurge on it – but I can wholeheartedly tell you that I love how my skin feels so much after just three weeks that I canceled my most recent facial!! 🙂 I love that I can keep my skin fabulous at home by myself now and save money by just going to facials for a splurge maybe every 4-5 months instead.


 I filmed an IG story and left it as a highlight on my profile so you can head there to see me go through my nighttime routine while looking at these products 🙂

  1. Remove eye makeup with coconut oil – I got a big jar of this organic virgin coconut oil from Whole Foods and I’ve had it for two years! It lasts forever, is so nourishing on my eyes, and breaks down eye makeup so easily.
  2. Remove face makeup with makeup wipes – I’ve tried so many brands of makeup wipes and my favorites are these and the Walmart brand makeup wipes (so random right!). I don’t live close to a Walmart so I only use the Simple ones now.
  3. Use one of these toning pads over my face – I got these as part of a kit when I purchased my now all time favorite cream and they are so good!! They deep clean and tone the skin without being too abrasive.
  4. Use the Clarisonic with my pore clearing cleanser – My cleanser is purchased through my esthetician so I can’t link it but she said this is a very similar dupe.
  5. Apply an under eye cream – Undereye creams are KEY to keeping your undereye bags under control. I used to use Lancome’s and love it but recently got this one in my holiday Bless Box from my best friend so I’ve been trying it out. I like it a lot so far!
  6. Moisturize! – I usually don’t moisturize at night but during the winter months my skin tends to get drier and craves night cream. I got this cream in November during the VIB sale and am seriously obsessed. It makes my face and skin SO moisturized without being greasy at all. I put it on at night after I wash my face and in the morning before I put on my makeup. This stuff has over 5000 reviews on Sephora and 4.5 stars so you know it’s the real deal.
  7. Apply a night mask – This is an added extra step and only one that I started doing once I got the Dr.Jart sleep mask in my bless box. So far, I like it but haven’t really noticed anything drastically different from using it vs not using it.



Fresh Rose Face Mask – My absolute ALL time fav

Glamglow Mud Mask

Pure Body Naturals Charcoal Mask

Freeman Cucumber Peel Off Mask 

Freeman Avocado Oatmeal Mask

Gold Undereye Masks



– ALWAYS wash your face at night and never sleep with makeup on.

– Moisturize, moisturize, moisturize

– Drink lots of water

– Try to go makeup free once a week to let your skin breathe

I hope you all enjoyed this skincare post and my night time routine! Xoxo

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